Refund Policy:

Unless the event or meeting is cancelled, No Refunds will be given once paid for Women’s Business Bridge (WBB) organized Fun Events, Connection Lunch, or meeting fees. Reservations for these events and meetings can be replaced by another member of your business or a guest that you arrange.

Fees paid for the WBB Business Spotlight and/or Bizzy Bee can be held as a credit and rescheduled within 3 months of cancelled Spotlight or Bizzy Bee. If not rescheduled within that time frame, no refund will be given.

WBB Returns/Credit Policy: The following applies to any event and membership cancellations:
Membership: not applicable
Business Conference: $5 service charge
Fun Events: $5 service charge (non-refundable under $10)
Connection Coffee & Lunch: non-refundable

48-hour cancellation required for above
24-hour cancellation: Non-refundable

Member’s Business Policy:

A member of Women’s Business Bridge (WBB) can only represent one business per membership. Meeting introductions and benefits can only be used to promote one business, per member. A second business can be represented for a 25% discount.

If membership is paid for more than 1 business, member will receive Member Benefits for both. Only one representative per membership may attend general meeting at no charge. It is at member’s/company’s discretion as to who may represent said company.

Once a membership has been purchased, it cannot be refunded or transferred to another company. Exceptions to transferring membership are as follows:

  • If a company has gone out of business, membership may be transferred to member’s new business.
  • If a company has changed their name, name may be changed.
  • Membership is held by the company and it is at said company’s discretion as to who attends general meetings. For example: if a company hold a membership and the employee who attends meetings leaves said company, company may send another employee in her place.
  • If a member pays for membership out of personal funds and company/business does not reimburse them, membership can stay with person who paid and may be transferred to that person’s new company. If company/business does reimburse their employee for membership, membership stays or belongs to the company/business that paid.

**Payment Plans are not available.

Updated July 2017